The time is rapidly approaching. Can you feel it?  That convention is coming up, and you haven’t booked the entertainment yet.  What are your employees going to do? … Your decision can make or break the party.  It’s all in your hands.  Alexander and his team can handle all the details and make your next convention stress free.  Imagine a program that parallels your convention’ s theme.

Kick up the energy at your upcoming convention with breath-taking illusions.  Can you see the gasps of amazement, laughs and thunderous applause as you treat your employees to this amazing show?  A show that will dazzle even the most skeptical audiences.  In addition to brining in a Las Vegas style show running for up to seventy full minutes, the presentation can be adapted to meet any time requirements you have.  The show can be split up into segments to keep the focus on the corporate agenda rather than the magical entertainment.

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