Hospitality Suites

If you want to provide classy, clean and  engaging entertainment for important V.I.P.’s, customized close-up magic will do the trick every time. Hospitality suite functions allow for an intimacy not seen in other venues.   It Here’s how it works:  Alexander will stroll through the room from person to person (2-to-20 people at a time) and perform close-up magic. Close-Up Magic is exactly that.  It’s the art of illusion performed just inches away from the eyes of the spectators.  It involves intricate sleight-of-hand artistry but utilizes everyday objects such as borrowed finger rings, coins, dollar bills, playing cards, etc.  No special apparatus or space is required. Because of these happenings, the performance naturally evokes laughter and fun.  It’s a personal entertainment experience that will create a comfortable atmosphere of enjoyment and fun as well as bring groups from different departments together to experience the magic.

Imagine your V.I.P.’s all gathered together, when suddenly, a mysterious stranger enters the room and  makes amazing things happen.  Look at their faces, and see the enjoyment. Hear the gasps of amazement and bursts of laughter, as your people are entertained with their own 5-7 minute shows, up close and personal.  Magic is better in comparison to something like  music. Not all music appeals to everyone, but everyone loves magic. It’s a classy sophisticated, intimate art form.  If you are looking for an evening to remember in the hospitality suite, examine these programs, what organizations like yours had to say.

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