Product Launches

Want to make your product the star?   What better way to garner attention for your newest product than to have it magically appear.  Fortune 500 companies spend thousands of dollars researching the best ways to introduce their next product or service. Today’s audiences are very jaded and need that extra edge to pay attention to the features of your product.  Magic, when used for product launches, can bring that extra edge!

Last year, Alexander magically featured Miche’s purses that transform in color and shape at their conference in Salt Lake City.  With the introduction of Hamilton Materials light weight join sealer, he made a can of the actual product magically levitate in front of the press and stunned sales reps.  Why not bring visual effects like these to your next product launch?



Nothing you can do garners more attention than an event that seems to defy nature.  Alexander’s magic does just that.  Even when people see it, they don’t believe it.  Why not use a tool this powerful to communicate your sales message magically?   Click here to bring Alexander to your next product launch.If you are looking for extraordinary results, examine these programs, what organizations like yours had to say about Alexander.

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