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Magic at a trade show? Yes! Incorporate your sales message into a something that will stick! Why in the world would you spend money on a booth or display that you’re just going to tear down or throw away after the trade show? Instead, you could literally-stop traffic – with a stunning ten minute visual magic presentation that gets guaranteed results. What kind of results? More traffic, more prospects paying attention to your product message, and more qualified leads that your sales force can follow up on. Bottom line – MORE BUSINESS Make your product the star by attracting and holding people’s attention with captivating magical presentations. Get your participants informed AND entertained by the use of eye-popping visual effects, accompanied by a product driven script tailored exclusive to your specifications. You can communicate your message stronger and longer than any other medium. A $1 dollar bill can magically change into a $100 dollar bill, demonstrating how your product or service saves customers money. A signed business can disappear and instantly reappear in a sealed envelope show ing your company’s fast communication with customers. Let Alexander tell people what playing card they’re thinking of, and to show how your company knows what their customers are thinking of. It’s time to demonstrate why your product or service is the best in the world.

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Over the past 25 years , companies in all sizes, in very diverse industries have engaged Alexander’s trade show magic:

Hamilton Materials

EYEP Solutions


Glenn Gelman & Assoc.

E Television

St. John Knits

Lewis Homes

Miche Bag

Teuscher Chocolates

Star Cruises

Shape Magazine

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